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KBC Lucky Draw 2023

KBC Lucky Draw 2023

KBC Lucky Draw 2023

We are happy to announce that KBC Lucky Draw 2023 registration has started! KBC IMO & WhatsApp & all SIM card lucky draw competition is conducted for the benefit of poverty-stricken families of India. According to the letter, this is the result of IMO &. WhatsApp lottery amount 25 lakh & 35 lakh 2023 that your phone is already in their database

Kaun Banega Crorepati is the first game show program launched in India. The show has gained immense popularity which is evident from its. Trp rating which is highest as compared to all other game shows. Kaun Banega Crorepati is the best game show to win. Big cash prizes based on the type of questions asked and correct answers received. You can check the KBC Lottery online Winner List 2023 on this official website.

Who Is The KBC Winner 2023?

rohit kumar 10 lakh Mishka kumari 15 lakh krishna thakor 20 lakh abdul rehman 25 lakh. Kami singh 30 lakh arjeet singh 35 lakh Rahul sharma 40 lakh Kalinda kumari 45 lakh. Navya Niharika 50 lakh Oja yadav 50 lakh Pavati krishna 55 lakh Rishima kumari 60 lakh. Shakti devi 65 lakh arjun Sharma 70 lakh neha
kumari parjeet Kaur 75 lakh Chayan preet 80 lakh. Dilberjeet kaur 85 lakh gurmeet Kaur 90 lakh Manmeet Singh 95 lakh Parampreet amar 1 crore

How To Participate In KBC Lucky Draw 2023?

To participate in KBC Lucky Draw, you have to submit an entry for the. All India SIM Card Lucky Draw organized by Kaun Banega Crorepati. You have to make sure that your sim card is always charged and you crack every interview. To participate in KBC lucky draw you need to submit registration for 25 lakh and 35 lakh draw service.

Some Information For The Winner

  • Do KBC Winners Have To Pay Tax?
  • Yes, anyone who wins the lottery in kbc is taxed at the rate. Of 1 percent, just like the kaun banega crorepati rule. For example, if your lottery win is 1 lakh, then you will have to pay 1000. If your lottery is for 5 lakhs then you have to pay 5 thousand we hope you understand.
  • What Is The Entry Fee Of KBC?
  • entry fee in KBC is 20 thousand. After paying the fee, you can come as a kaun banega crorepati and answer the question. If you want to play online then you don’t need to pay any fee, you can play it completely free. Download the Sony Live app from the Play Store.
  • Who Is The 25 Lakh Winner In KBC?
  • 10 people win the lottery of 25 lakhs whose names are Kamran Kami. Kaano Kumar. Sandeep Kumar. Sidha Sharma. Faisal Rehman. Phela Singh. Neha Kumari. Om Prakash. Modi pandit. Gaurav Thakor
  • Who Is The Highest Winner In KBC?
  • Narula Brothers winning amount 7 crore Sushil Kumar winning Amount 5 crore
  • Babita jain winning amount 7 crore. Nazia Nasim winning amount 7 crore Rohita Sharma winning amount 7 Crore. Anupa Das winning amount 7 crore

KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2023

KBC announced another contest named KBC SIM Card Lucky Draw . In this contest, every SIM card that is activated in 2023 is a participant in this luck draw. If you have bought Airtel sim card or jio sim card in 2023, then you do not. Need to register for KBC lottery lucky draw. If you want to check your kbc whatsapp lottery number check. Result online then you must know your Kaun Banega Crorepati lottery number. You can ask for your lottery number today by calling the KBC helpline number +19188444173

Is there a lucky draw for the KBC sim card? On 1st and 15th of every month, all sim card numbers are included in our. Kaun Banega Crorepati lucky draw as there will be a kbc sim card all India raffle Contest during. That means all sim card numbers from all over the world are included in our sim card lucky.
Draw, all sim card holders are able to win our lucky draw 2023. If you recharge your SIM card more, you get more opportunities to earn money

KBC Lucky Draw Winner List 2023

KBC Lucky Draw Winner List 2023
Sandeep2,500,000980****6311 Jan 2023
Neha3,500,000908****1232 Jan 2023
Priti4,000,000600****2143 Jan 2023
Arjun 4,500,000827****3914 Jan 2023
Babo5,000,000918****4575 Jan 2023

KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2023
Whatsapp lucky draw 2023 babo lal kumar 1 crore karan sharma 95 lakh lord Vishnu 90 lakh. Acharya Patel 87 lakh Agarwal jain 84 lakh chahal yadav 82 lakh. Basak chand 80 lakh bassi chandra 79 lakh bawa chatterjee 76. Lakh Mathai nath 75 lakh Neka Om 73 lakh Mishra pal 71 lakh.

Modi pandit 68 lakh naik pradhan 65 lakh sura yadav 63 lakh. Suresh yogi 61 lakh raja sankar 61 lakh raja sani 58 lakh. Raval sethi 55 lakh sabharwal sharma Salvi singh 52 lakh chauhan doshi 49 lakh. Dass ghosh 45 lakh chopra dugar 43 lakh devi grover 42 lakh cheema dude 38 lakh. Joshi kunda 35 lakh kala lala 32 lakh kapoor magar 30 lakh. Lal kumar 28 lakh shan sharma 24 lakh jai pal 21 lakh. Anand suri 20 lakh Sara prasad 18 lakh shikha thakor 15 lakh. Acharya yadav 12 lakh arya sharma 10 lakh. Kashyap kumar 8 lakh Chauhan verma 4 lakh faisal R 1 lakh

KBC WhatsApp Number 2023

kbc whatsapp number is +19188444173 this is kbc real whatsapp number so please don’t call. Any other number and you will not accept any other number call/message from. Concerned kbc office if you want to get any information If yes then you can contact kbc. Official numbers only.

KBC JIO All Sim Card Lucky Draw

Dear (Kaun Banega Crorepati) viewers if you recharge your SIM more and more your earnings will increase. chances of winning. Kbc jio conducts all sim card lucky draw every year to maintain KBC data. Of his followers and fans for his show. They launched their KBC JIO All SIM Card Lucky Draw. To gain
more popularity. Now the registration process is automatic, no need to. Make a purchase. ticket no. We will first select the lucky winners for the lucky draw. We will always double check that the winner’s information is accurate and correct and matches our data. KBC has announced the winning amount of
INR 25 Lakhs for Kbc jio All SIM card lucky draw winner.

KBC Lottery No 8991 2023

We have update Kaun Banega Crorepati Lucky Winners List KBC Lottery Number 8991. If you see your name and number or your loved one’s name in the list, contact KBC Headquarters. It is highly advised
that the lucky winners should never reveal anything about their. Prize, as it may lead to trouble. They should always contact KBC head office number +19188444173 to get. Answers of all their queries related to KBC lottery number 8991 kbc jio 2023. Here is the list of lucky winners of KBC lottery number 8991.

Check Online Lottery Winner Of KBC

Kbc online lottery winner, if you have took an SMS with a lottery number. Just go to the online lottery form and put in details like mobile phone number and lottery information. So we hand over just for kbc addicts only to game show Kbc lottery figures online. Kbc head office whatsapp number Mumbai is
19188444173 you can communicate for your lottery substantiation. Hence, this kbc head office number also from Mumbai, Bandra kbc representatives will break your problems.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Winner Prize

Update These days we have a lot of lotteries to give Indian people so keep checking. Kbc lottery winners online from below handed form. If you got your name and all the details about the. Lottery you will suitable to get your cash amount price from. Kbc online lottery winner department. therefore, once you get substantiation of your cash amount price lottery. Do n’t partake your lottery number with others, they can steal your kbc kaun banega crorepati winner prize.

KBC Whatsapp Number Mumbai +19188444173

The Jio kbc 25 lac lottery 2023 can set up from this runner every update we will. Give also about jio lucky draw As the company sends releases to people and also we. Want to game show also that there are a lot
of scammers on the title of the jio lottery winner. Be careful of these scammers. To save from these scammers you will hold to corroborate your lottery with the head office.

KBC Head Office Number +19188444173

you can report your case and complaints they will break asap. Above all, kbc carefulness portal helpline can support you to win the lottery. then’s the. Biggest Lucky Draw 2023 approaching with 25 lakh lottery.

KBC Lottery no Check Of 25 Lakh

check kbc lottery 25 lakh by following simple and easy way as you all know that all. India sim card connected with Kaun Banega Crorepati live contest show. Sim card companies will make lucky draw two times every month. you’ll be. Named automatically if you’re renewing sim card regularly

Participate in Kaun Banega Crorepati

KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati is a badass and edgy look. In India, it is a favorite television sports show. KBC is a prominent source of entertainment among the youth. In this session, we will see how to participate in Kaun Banega Crorepati and KBC Lottery Winner 2023. It features an extraordinary activity to win a huge cash prize based on the types of questions. Asked and the correct solutions obtained. KBC aims to generate adequate cash to benefit and support the common people.

IMO Lottery Winner

IMO lottery winner is like a. KBC lucky draw device that provides people with a chance to win up to in cash. It’s a huge quantum to the maturity of Indians. While learning to register for the IMO lottery winner, one may admit to making some fake calls. You ’re supposed to avoid similar calls, as they do nothing but
steal your particular information. They will also demand enrollment figure deposits. norway pay attention to similar calls and always. Communicate the following figures to get the right information

JIO Lottery List 2023

Jio Lottery List is a very popular lottery scheme in India, operated and organized by India’s. Most popular telecommunication company, Jio. First of all, the aim of organizing this Jio lottery list is to give. People a chance to win big and live their dreams. Registering for the lottery list is very simple and easy. Secondly, you just need to recharge your Indian SIM card and you done. There is no drastic process that you need
to go through. Kbc Jio Lottery Number List updated twice in a month. What’s more, keep recharging your. SIM cards to increase your chances of winning up to 25 lac, which is a huge amount for most Indians.

KBC Lucky Draw List 2023

Winner. Faisal Rehman winning amount 55 lac Lottery no 89919 phone number 908002.

Mr. Modi Jogi winning amount 50 Lac Lottery Number 89914 mobile Number 700445.

Mr. Jeevan Das Winning Amount 45 Lac Lottery Number 98811 phone Number 998779.

Winner. phela singh winning amount 40 lac lottery number 8991 mobile number 849800

Ms. neha kumari winning amount 35 lac lottery number 1122 winner mobile. number

Name. ruhi yadav winning amount 30 lac nottery number 9881 mobile number 709154

Mr. kinnu raj winning amount 25 lac lottery number 89663 mobile number 840****221

KBC Lucky Draw Whatsapp Number 2023

kbc lucky draw no is 8991 and kbc lottery no is 41404 and kbc file no is 7172, kbc. Lottery no Kolkata 79912, kbc head office whatsapp lottery no is 050, Kbc official website lottery number no is 1122. Kbc helpline mumbai lottery no is 0050, kaun banega crorepati lottery no delhi is 6413. Jio lottery no is 84243,

kbc jio head office delhi file no 66432, kaun banega crorepati punjab. Lottery no is 77552, kbc lucky draw
no 98819, kbc helpline lucky no is 33001. Kbc Head office whatsapp number +19188444173

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