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KBC Lottery 2023

KBC Lottery 2023
Are you here to know about KBC Lottery 2023 then you. Have come to the right website Here you will get.The name and number of all the recent Kaun Banega Crorepati winner You can also find your name here.This article provides you the complete overview of KBC Official 2023.
Here you will learn how to check your lottery in just a or two Minute The news of Kaun Banega. Crorepati 2023 winner comings from time to time on this site This is the Official blog publish by Sandeep Kumar. Register For KBC Office 2023 Valued users, we are announcing KBC lucky draw 2023 with new and early opportunities. Now you don’t need to register for KBC office 2023 Part. KBC is now uniquely launched as we are all connected by
networking. In 2023 your Sims are already registered with Kaun Banega Crorepati.To make a normal call you just need to give KBC head office number +19188444173

KBC Lottery Winner List

If you want to know you have won lottery or not if you won the lottery amount but. You don’t have lottery
number then you call on us KBC Head Office Number

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC)

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is an Indian version of the “Who Wants To Be A Billionaire” TV. Serial franchise, first aired on Starplus and now aired by Sony Entertainment Limited. Its top money winning was seven (7) crores, but recently to celebrate India’s. Independence, the winning money is now 7.5 crores since SEASON 14.

We know everyone wants to participate in this game show, and we are providing various ways. For everyone in India to participate in this game show through the KBC lottery.

How do I participate in a KBC game show?

Random people in the Indian public will be selected as applicants that would send. SMS to a number on this website and answer a simple question by responding.

Contestants would contest with many other contestants; to participate in KBC GAME SHOW.
Do not despair, and we will be sending Lottery numbers through WhatsApp or SMS, so you can check on
our. KBC Official website if you are a winner or not of a small cash prize worth. Up to 5 million Rupees.
How is the KBC game played?
Main Gameplay:
Out of many contestants, few contestants would be selected. They will be asked a question, and the one
with the Fastest Finger First will join the host in. The “Hot Seat” with Mr Amitabh Bachan in answering
multiple-choice questions on. Their way to winning the top cash prize as outlined in the table below.
To help the winner along the way, many Life Lines assist. A few are listed below.
Audience Poll: (Ask The Audience):
50:50: T
Phone-A-Friend: Dial a friend you mentioned in the registration form with. KBC for the Game show to
call, and you can get assistance.
Flip The Question (Switch The Question/Switch): A question that you. Think is not able to be answered,
and you could be able to change the question context.
Double Dip
Expert Advice (Ask the Expert)
Power Paplu: Introduced in season 7, this lifeline allowed the contestant to reuse a previously used
lifeline on another question. It could not be a lifeline that was used on the current query.
Top winners until season 14 KBC winners
In Season 2, the Biggest Celebrity winner was KAJOL and AJAY DEVGAN with one crore Rupees. The
Maximum game prize was 2. CRORES, but they abandoned the game in the last question and won the
biggest award any celebrity ever won.
Harshvardhan Navathe (19 October 2000)
The first ever person to win the top prize winner answered all the questions with one crore rupees.
Vijay Raul and Arundhati (2 May 2001)

They were the second couple to win one crore after Harshvardhan Navathe.
Ravi Mohan Saini (14 May 2001)
Ravi Mohan Saini played the Kaun Banega Crorepati Junior at age 14 and won ₹1 Crore on 14 May 2001.
season 5 KBC Winners
Sushil Kumar (2 November 2011)
Hailing from Bihar, Sushil Kumar, who appeared in Season 5, is the first KBC contestant to win ₹5 Crores.
He was a computer instructor in MNREGA, earning ₹6000 (roughly $121) per month before his entry.
He has been dubbed as the real “Slumdog Millionaire”.
Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney (12 January 2013)
Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney played in season 6 and won ₹5 Crores. Sunmeet was the second ₹5 Crore winner.
Achin and Sarthak Narula (9 October 2014)
They played in Season 8 and won ₹7 Crores, making them the first and only ₹7 Crore winners. The biggest
win ever in the Asian continent franchise.
KBC lottery winner 2023
Many contestants couldn’t participate in the KBC GAME SHOW, but many contestants won the KBC lottery
and won.
Winner of KBC lottery 2023
Lottery Winner – Amount Won
Rajvith Ramadi USD 31,233 INR 2,468,738 Lottery #: 5588
Sanjeev Stalin USD 31,233 INR 2,468,738 Lottery #: 4544
Sunny Daliwal USD 31,233 INR 2,468,738 Lottery #: 2111
Bhakta Kamban USD 50,000 INR 3,952,120 Lottery #: 1558
Sena Nhavi USD 10,000 INR 790,426 Lottery #: 4554
Ankit Bhiati USD 81,500 INR 6,438,500 Lottery #: 1447

Kunal Bhal USD 69,585 INR 5,497,215 Lottery #: 0045
Rahul Sharma USD 25,000 INR 1,976,060 Lottery #: 5585
Rajiv Poddar USD 69,888 INR 5,521,152 Lottery #: 3853
Binni Bhansal USD 31,233 INR 2,468,738 Lottery #: 7561
KBC Lottery result 2023
The KBC lucky draw 2023 delays the winners due to the current covid crisis. KBC Season 15 lottery result
will be out by August-end, while the. KBC Lottery result 2023 will be out by September-end.
Last year, the registration for participating in KBC Season 13 started on 15 January 2021. So, KBC Lottery
can also be estimated that this year also, the registration may begin on 15 January 2023.
KBC Lucky Draw 2023 starting date
Kbc lucky draw is undoubtedly one of India’s most popular television game shows. Hosted by the
Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bhachan, KBC has been changing many people’s lives for almost two
decades. In the report of KBC, KBC Lucky Draw 2023 starting date is 06 September 2023. In a lucky draw,
KBC randomly selects numbers and informs the winners. That their number has been established in a
random draw conducted by. KBC, and they have won a cash prize worth 25 lakh. And to claim the
amount, a specific processing fee needs to be deposited. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to contact the
official website of KBC number 0019188444173.
Check your KBC lottery below
To begin, open your browser and check your KBC Lottery. See if you are the winner of the KBC WINNER
Find out by entering the lottery number below and Clicking on Check. You will find the details about the
lottery amount, owner name and mailing address. The system will check the database for the details and
will congratulate you if you are on. The list of our KBC LOTTERY WINNERS.

KBC Lottery 2023 Today
kbc lottery 2023 today is starting now if you want join the Kaun Banega Crorepati Lucky. Draw please
contact on us KBC head office number +19188444173
Can anyone use the KBC lottery number and get
the prize?
Our KBC Lucky Draw 2023 has been secured with the complete information you entered while submitting
for registration. We understand, and this is why one of the representatives calls you to request all. The
information and ensure that you are the right candidate for the lucky draw. We have mentioned all the
names of the lucky winners who got the lottery and. Participated in the KBC random draw 2023.
Find the name from the list, and if you are a winner, please call immediately on the following phone
We will let you know forward how to receive the prize immediately. Please be prepared for a visit from
the KBC Team.
KBC Lottery Number Check 2023
Hi kbc winner if you want to know your lottery number is right or wrong please call us. Kbc
head office whatsapp number +19188444173

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